Graduating with the Co-op Plan Degree

Students who complete the requirements for the co-op plan will receive the co-op designation on their diploma when they graduate from Georgia Tech.

In order to receive the co-op designation, students must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Work at least three(3) alternating semesters, two of which must be during a fall or spring semester. Work must be full-time 40 hours/week for 12-14 weeks during summer and 16-18 weeks during fall or spring.  Register for appropriate COOP course for each term.
  • Receive satisfactory Performance Evaluations from supervisor for all work terms.
  • Submit Work Report for each work term.

During the semester before the term of graduation, students should follow the procedures of their academic unit regarding their degree petition. Co-ops should check online to be sure the degree includes the co-op designation.  If the co-op designation is missing, co-ops should contact the Center for Career Discovery and Development for assistance.