Pre-Teaching & STE(A)M Truck Fall '18 internship application due

Our Partnership

The Georgia Tech Pre-Teaching program, which supports Georgia Tech undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni considering careers in K-12 education, has partnered with STE(A)M Truck to create a unique, paid internship opportunity in our local education communities.  STE(A)M Truck is a program of Community Guilds Inc., an Atlanta based non-profit organization, that focuses on delivering an innovative, gap-closing approach to elementary and middle school education.


What does STE(A)M truck do exactly?

STE(A)M = Science, Technology, Engineering, (Arts), and Mathematics. STE(A)M Truck is a mobile makerspace that offers an experience anchored by a rigorous, experiential learning-based curriculum. The support and collective expertise of the local community is what brings the STE(A)M Truck experience to life.  Adult STE(A)M role models – maker-mentors, STE(A)M designers, and local artists, along with educators in local schools – work closely with young students in Atlanta to tackle real problems, design solutions, and build things. Students learn the design process and develop a sense of self-efficacy as they create their own solutions. Educators also learn and are inspired over the 20-day award winning program.  They leave better-equipped to bring similar instructional concepts and methodologies into their classrooms once the truck pulls out of the parking lot. How cool is that?

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Event Details


  • Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Location: Atlanta, GA

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Susan Belmonte, GT Pre-Teaching Advisor,