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Careers are complicated these days. With technology advancing exponentially, the "Uberization" of businesses, and rapid globalization, almost no career field is untouched by change and complexity. Why does this matter? Because if you want to be successful and happy — yes, happy — when you graduate, you'll need to do more than just put together a great resume, ace the interview, and land the job (or get into graduate or professional school if that's your path). 

You'll need to be prepared for careers that might not exist yet, know how work works (not just how to get work), have a sense of purpose, and be prepared to navigate the inevitable twists and turns your career will take. To help you with this, we have the 'Career T,' a model to guide you through the career discovery and development process. 

Below is a sneak peek of the Career T. Watch for announcements around campus and in CareerBuzz for more about the Career T, what it means for you, and how to build your own.